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As Carolina Sherwood Carter approaches her twelfth birthday, she struggles with the strain of adolescence that all young girls inevitably face.  She feels she does not fit in at school or at home, alienated from her family.

The end of the school year signals the start of summer vacation and Carolina's stay with her beloved Grams at Sherwood Plantation outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  While Carolina has many unanswered questions about her life, she soon learns the answers may lie at Sherwood. 

Once at Grams, the young girl quickly becomes more aware of a legacy she has inherited from her grandfather.  With the help of her Grams, Carolina gains the confidence and the courage to accept her abilities as a gift instead of a curse.  She accepts her destiny in a classic clash of good and evil when she faces an Ancient Being and helps a troubled spirit move on. 


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Carolina and the Secret of the Silver Orb is the author's first novel in the anticipated Carolina series.  As the mother of five grown children and grandmother to four very young girls, Nan hopes to present stories that portray the qualities of intelligence, tenacity, strength of character, and sense of adventure that all girls possess... whether they know it or not.



Cover art and design by Ned Payne and Will Payne